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Full Body Massage

This hero treatment starts with a consultation to find out what your emotional and physical needs are. With your chosen oil your therapist will use carefully applied pressures to stimulate the nervous system, Swedish techniques to relieve muscular tension and lymphatic drainage to encourage healthy circulation. This fantastic treatment works from head to toe and dissolves away all your stress and tension.

60 Minute Session - £55.00
70 Minute Session - £70.00

Back, Neck and Shoulders

One Treatment - £40.00*

*Additional £2.00 includes Scalp

Renew Rose Massage

A luxurious full body treatment. Using a blend of oils and creams the body is thoroughly massaged. Aches and pains are eased away and the client is left completely relaxed and floating on a bed of roses.

One Treatment - £60.00


Natural Body & Skin Care

Pre-blended essential oils are selected to meet specific concerns of the client both emotionally and physically. Incorporating the body, the face and the scalp this specialised massage combines pressure point and drainage techniques resulting in one of todays most restorative and harmonising body treatments. The body is thoroughly massaged, aches and pains are eased away and the client is left completely relaxed.

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